Seegull Media, in essence, is one man with many talents. That man is Adam Sturm. Designer by day, husband by night, Adam began his journey to create Seegull Media after he graduated from Ball State University and moved to New York City. His first passion was videography, and while working for podcastGO he directed, shot, edited and built over 40 unique shows. From there, he began honing his photography skills. After adding photography to his arsenal, Adam turned to design. His first website was a portfolio for himself, which you can view HERE (Remember, this was his first site). From there, he began designing websites and logos for clients professionally, for which he has won several contests. After years of developing his varied skillsets, Adam wanted to create a company that utilized every aspect of his many talents. Thus, Seegull Media was born.


Seegull Media is your one stop shop for all your media and graphic needs. Adam is experienced in all areas and is extremely personable. Whether you need something as simple as an event to be covered, to a full media branding experience, Adam will work directly with you to make sure you get everything you need. We do:


Seegull Media is accomodating to your schedule. You can reach Adam at any time at 317.313.1401, or simply visit the Contact page. We are flexible to meet your needs.


Currently, Seegull Media is located in Central Indiana. Adam moved to Indiana from New York after he met the love of his life. Though based out of Indiana, Adam has designed and worked for people across the world. This is the digital age, after all.


Doing one thing over and over and over and over and over again (get the point?) can get pretty monotonous. That's why Seegull Media focuses on many aspects, that while different, are inherently similar. They all come together to work as one cohesive whole.


If you want some work done, simply fill out a brief description on the Contact page or call Adam at 317.313.1401. From there we'll discuss your needs and exactly what you're looking for.