Indianapolis Production Company

Seegull Media is a full service Indianapolis production company capable of crafting video commercials that fit your company and brand. Having a memorable video commercial is one of the most powerful advertising tools a company can utilize. If you are located in Indianapolis or the surrounding area, Seegull Media would love to produce a professional commercial branded for your business.

People remember commercials, especially when they are clever and well done. The Super Bowl is proof of that, and because Seegull Media is a professional Indianapolis production company, we have all the tools needed to produce and edit your video commercial. We have two professional video cameras, multiple lighting set-ups, and all the software needed to handle the post-production ourselves. Plus, we have creative genius!

Here are some of the clients Seegull Media has produced commercials for in the past:

  • Lucky Magazine with L’Oreal
  • United Financial Systems, Corporation
  • The Last Drop
  • Design Hotels
  • Greatest Living Writers Project

Take a look at the commercials in the gallery above to get a feel for the various types of commercials Seegull Media can produce. If you’re interested in knowing more about Seegull Media’s services, please Contact us today. We would love to talk with you about creating your own branded video commercial.