Indianapolis Logo Design

Seegull Media is a full service Indianapolis logo design studio. Logo design is one of the many services Seegull Media offers, and we make some pretty fantastic logos. Whether you’re located in Indianapolis, or you’re based somewhere else in the world, Seegull Media can design the perfect logo to identify your product or business.

When you think of a successful company, you can probably picture its logo: the swoosh of Nike, the missing bite from Apple’s apple, the golden arches of McDonald’s. But why do you picture these images? The answer is simple. It's the company's brand identity, and brand identity begins with a solid logo. A good logo design is the foundation of a great brand.

Here at Seegull Media, we believe the best logos are made up of five elements:

  • A logo design should be simple
  • A logo design should be unique
  • A logo design should be memorable
  • A logo design should be recognizable at any size
  • A logo design should look good in black and white

All of our logos are designed with these five principles in mind. Take a look through the gallery above and you can see the quality and care Seegull Media takes when designing a logo. If you’re interested in having a logo designed for you or your business, please Contact us today. Remember, investing in your brand identity now equals long-term success. We are confident that we can help.