Indianapolis Video Podcasts

Seegull Media is a full service video production company capable of creating amazing Indianapolis video podcasts. Video podcasts are a unique way to promote your business. A video podcast is a branded mini-show where you highlight your company while demonstrating something entertaining and useful to your customer. If you’re located in Indianapolis or the surrounding area, Seegull Media can create a unique video podcast specific to you and your brand.

Seegull Media has created over 40 unique video podcasts for companies and individuals across the nation. Video podcasts can be implemented on your own site or uploaded to any number of video sharing websites like Vimeo or YouTube. Having video podcasts on or about your company website engages users and builds your brand. An added benefit when you place the videos on video sharing sites is that you can include links back to your site, raising your SEO while promoting your business.

Here are some examples of the types of video podcasts Seegull Media has produced in the past:

Take a look at the videos in the gallery above to get a feel for the various types of video podcasts Seegull Media is capable of producing. If you’re interested in knowing more about what Seegull Media can do, please Contact us today. We would love to talk with you about creating your own video podcast series.