A+J Wedding Photography

I began shooting wedding photography after starting Seegull Media, in 2010. When my wife, Jenni, started shooting weddings with me, A+J Photography was born. Why have one photographer on your wedding day when you can have two?! So, I designed the logo, I designed the site, and now we are open for business. This husband […]

Om Nom Indy

Behold the logo I designed for the new extension of Seegull Media, Om Nom Indy. It’s my new baby. Om Nom Indy features the best restaurants in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. I have loved food my entire life. It tastes good. It smells good. It looks good. What can I say? I’m passionate about […]

Earth School

I would like to introduce everyone to the Earth School, the greatest classroom in the cosmos! Also, it’s the latest website I helped design! At Earth School, Julie and Jessica (two FABULOUS life coaches), believe everything in your Earth experience to be a vehicle for our transformation. They seek to WAKE YOU UP, to express […]

Debbie Steingesser Yoga

I would like to introduce everyone to Debbie Steingesser, an amazing yoga teacher and a true inspiration. She is the founder of her own dance style of yoga, called Dansa Vinyasa™. I had the distinct pleasure of updating her website to better reflect her style and nature. Debbie’s heart-opening Vinyasa classes are infused with musicality […]

Full Circle Cycling Website

Full Circle Cycling is a program offered by ProMotion Fitness in collaboration with the Bike Line. It’s a unique program that combines a comprehensive cycling program with the unique benefits of yoga. The Full Circle program incorporates a mix of group classes, yoga for cyclists, power-based endurance riding, coaching,  personal training, and much, much more. […]

Chris Roche Website

You should all remember Chris Roche from his AMAZING yoga photography we did a few months back. Well, that was only phase one. Everyone should check out his awesome new website, designed by yours truly, www.chrisroche.net. I tried to capture Chris’ unique blend of strength training with meditation and yoga. Where else can you find […]

Ame Wren Yoga

I just had the absolute pleasure of updating the website of a fantastic yoga teacher, Ame Wren.  Doesn’t she have the coolest name ever?  Fittingly, the new website incorporates a wren.  Love it! Based in Boston, Ame is a self-proclaimed “yoga mutt.”  She is known for lacing her classes with humor while instilling the importance […]

Julie Zipper Website Design

It’s a small world.  Julie Zipper is a licensed spiritual teacher and counselor, and also good friends with both Sadie Nardini and Ariel Joseph Towne, the Feng Shui Guy. Called a “spiritual trail guide,” and a “dynamic, heart-centered teacher,” Julie is deeply passionate about the inner path, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that […]

The Feng Shui Guy

Ariel Joseph Towne is the Feng Shui Guy.  www.thefengshuiguy.com Called “an alchemist of possibility,” Ariel takes stagnant spaces in people’s homes and minds and transforms them into positive, intentional spaces. He makes a room come alive, and is an internationally recognized feng shui expert. Also, he’s a pretty cool guy, all around. I met Ariel […]

Little Flower Yoga for Children

I am SO EXCITED to share this next site with you. I’ve been working hard on this site for what seems like months now, fidgeting and editing and making it perfect. Then, when it was finally designed, I had to switch the whole site to a new hosting server for speed issues!!! (Network Solutions SUCKS […]