Meridian Health Services – Success of “Whole Person” Health

I shot and edited this story for Meridian Health Services in conjunction with Juli Metzger of The JMetzger Group. Love working with her! The story revolves around A.J. Spoerner, a psychiatric social worker hired by Meridian Health Services so that their Rushville, Indiana clinic could service the “whole person,” not just one part. This means […]

40 Years of Love

I made this photo montage for my parents’ 40th anniversary. I went through TONS of old photo albums, scanned in all the pictures and tried to piece together the story of their love. It was a lot of fun and brought back a lot of great memories. I am so thankful for my parents. They […]

Meridian Health Services – A Family Reunited

I shot and edited this story for Meridian Health Services in conjunction with Juli Metzger of The JMetzger Group. Looking forward to working with her again! The story revolves around Kyle, a young boy in high school with autism. His mother, Kelli, found herself unable to take care of him. There was no other choice […]

Yoga of 12-Step Recovery Video – Y12SR

Shot this video for Nikki Myers, founder of the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery program, just the other day in my BRAND NEW STUDIO! I set up the white seamless wall and I didn’t even have to set up lights. I have so much natural lighting in the room it makes projects like this a breeze. […]

Julie Browning Bova Design Video

Hi blogstalkers! This is another video I created with nothing more than some pictures and graphics. For this project, I was hired by Julie Browning Bova, an amazing interior designer on the north side of Indianapolis. She’s coming out with a new collection, and she wanted a video to go with the press release announcing […]

Gig Coin Promotional Videos (Three)

I created the following three videos for an up and coming new company called Gig Coin. It’s a new online resource for freelancers and businesses who need freelancers. It’s great place to get and give gigs. Anyway, after designing the Gig Coin logo, I was also asked to create some videos explaining the concept. I […]

Humble Headhunters

I was having dinner with my mother-in-law the other night (who recently discovered twitter) and she read one of my tweets about “being able to turn still images into a video commercial.” She LOVED the idea because she had to create a commercial for a class she’s currently attending at Indiana Wesleyan University. I, being […]

St. Francis: A Success Story

This is a fun little cartoon I was asked to make for Cripe Architects and Engineers. They are bidding on a project to be the company in charge of move management for St. Francis Hospital. Based on a very vague definition of what they wanted (basic plot with a “cartoony” feel), this is what I […]

Stereo Deluxe Video Montage

As I was looking through the pictures to compile the last post about the Stereo Deluxe Photo Shoot, I really liked the way it looked as I scrolled through the images quickly. So, I made a video out of them, speeding up the entire photo session into just over 2 minutes. This is the result […]