Amber + Dax = Love

I love engagement pictures, especially impromptu engagement pictures! Meet Dax and Amber, recently engaged and blissfully happy. I took all of these shots on a short, 40 minute walk through Garfield Park. It’s easy to take great pictures with subjects that are in love as these two are. I tried to capture that in these […]

Katie’s Senior Picture Extravaganza

Meet Katie. She just started her Senior year of high school. What better way to start the year than to get a slew of Senior Pictures taken? That’s exactly what we did last Sunday. Here are 30 of my favorite shots for the day. Enjoy! Katie’s Mom picked out this dress. Katie said she felt […]

Humble Headhunters

I was having dinner with my mother-in-law the other night (who recently discovered twitter) and she read one of my tweets about “being able to turn still images into a video commercial.” She LOVED the idea because she had to create a commercial for a class she’s currently attending at Indiana Wesleyan University. I, being […]

Dakota (Cody) Senior Pictures

Dakota, or Cody as he likes to be called, is a talented young man. He recently graduated high school and I had the pleasure of taking his Senior Pictures. We headed down to the canal in downtown Indianapolis for a two hour stroll, which resulted in the following pictures. Enjoy! I love steps. This is […]

Stereo Deluxe Photo Shoot

This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking some band shots of Stereo Deluxe. Stereo Deluxe is a kick ass Indianapolis band and if you haven’t heard them play yet, you need to. The band consists of Jay Elliot, Ben Tatum, Luke Schneider and Matt Hogan. We had a lot of fun going around […]

Jared Thompson – Senior Photos

This is Jared Thompson, one awesome brother-in-law. He’s graduating this year, and I took his senior pictures. These are those pictures. Jared loves to hunt, so we started out with some hunting shots. I was a little intimidated by his gun. I shoot photos, not deer. Me: “Is that gun loaded?” Jared: “Yes.” Me: “Is […]

Family Portraits

I was recently asked if I do family portraits. The answer? Yes! Of course I do family portraits! However, my style and philosophy on portraits might be different than others. I like to capture “moments.” I don’t like bringing people into a studio unless it’s absolutely necessary. I like being out in an environment. I […]