A+J Wedding Photography

I began shooting wedding photography after starting Seegull Media, in 2010. When my wife, Jenni, started shooting weddings with me, A+J Photography was born. Why have one photographer on your wedding day when you can have two?! So, I designed the logo, I designed the site, and now we are open for business. This husband […]

Om Nom Indy

Behold the logo I designed for the new extension of Seegull Media, Om Nom Indy. It’s my new baby. Om Nom Indy features the best restaurants in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. I have loved food my entire life. It tastes good. It smells good. It looks good. What can I say? I’m passionate about […]

Amy Hagerstrom Yoga Logo

I had so much fun designing a logo for Amy. She went through CITYOGA’s Teacher Training with my wife Jenni in TTC16, and now she’s rocking out being a new yoga teacher up in Chicago. There were quite a few designs thrown out before we finished, but it was worth it to make it to […]

Julie Zipper Website Design

It’s a small world.  Julie Zipper is a licensed spiritual teacher and counselor, and also good friends with both Sadie Nardini and Ariel Joseph Towne, the Feng Shui Guy. Called a “spiritual trail guide,” and a “dynamic, heart-centered teacher,” Julie is deeply passionate about the inner path, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that […]

Gig Coin Logo

One of the projects I’ve been working on lately is for Gig Coin, a new online service coming soon where people can get and give GIGS! I’ve been busy creating logos and icons to define the brand. Here is the logo I came up with, which required no revisions since my clients LOVED it! I […]

Humble Headhunters

I was having dinner with my mother-in-law the other night (who recently discovered twitter) and she read one of my tweets about “being able to turn still images into a video commercial.” She LOVED the idea because she had to create a commercial for a class she’s currently attending at Indiana Wesleyan University. I, being […]

The Name Behind the Bird

For reasons I can’t quite explain, I have always loved seagulls. I understand that many people view them as little more than rats with wings, but I have always marveled at the simplicity of their design. They are birds of the sea- majestic creatures of flight. I love watching them soar above the waves and […]