Climb Time Indianapolis

This afternoon I took some pictures at Climb Time Indianapolis, an indoor rock climbing arena. The entire place is wall to wall… well, walls. Rock climbing walls! I thought taking some good pictures would be a piece of cake, but it was much more difficult than I thought it would be. There are so many […]

A Trip to the Children’s Museum

I think these pictures speak for themselves. This was a fantastic trip to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum! A big THANKS to my friend Jen for allowing me to take some Christmas photos of her sister, her niece and her nephew. What a great family! Thanks for blogstalking! -Adam

Morgan + Ben = Love

These are my friends, Morgan and Ben. They are very much in love. Like, ridiculously in love. Okay guys, get a room… And we did! All of us, that is, down at the French Licks Springs Hotel. Jenni and I went down there with Morgan and Ben a few weekends ago to take these fantastic […]

Amber + Dax = Love

I love engagement pictures, especially impromptu engagement pictures! Meet Dax and Amber, recently engaged and blissfully happy. I took all of these shots on a short, 40 minute walk through Garfield Park. It’s easy to take great pictures with subjects that are in love as these two are. I tried to capture that in these […]

It’s a Speakeasy Engagement Party!

You might remember Morgan and Ben from the recent post where I had some fun Photoshopping an image of them in order to make a poster for their engagement party. Well, guess who got to take pictures at the engagement paryt! Me, baby, me. Check out the happy couple. Look at the happy bride to […]

Morgan and Ben Engagement Party Poster

My friends Morgan and Ben recently got engaged, and they’re having their engagement party in a few weeks. My wife Jenni, as a maid of honor, is helping plan it. The theme? 1920’s Speakeasy! They decided to use this picture to represent the party. Now, while this picture is pretty good, I didn’t particularly like […]

Stereo Deluxe Video Montage

As I was looking through the pictures to compile the last post about the Stereo Deluxe Photo Shoot, I really liked the way it looked as I scrolled through the images quickly. So, I made a video out of them, speeding up the entire photo session into just over 2 minutes. This is the result […]

Stereo Deluxe Photo Shoot

This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking some band shots of Stereo Deluxe. Stereo Deluxe is a kick ass Indianapolis band and if you haven’t heard them play yet, you need to. The band consists of Jay Elliot, Ben Tatum, Luke Schneider and Matt Hogan. We had a lot of fun going around […]

Family Portraits

I was recently asked if I do family portraits. The answer? Yes! Of course I do family portraits! However, my style and philosophy on portraits might be different than others. I like to capture “moments.” I don’t like bringing people into a studio unless it’s absolutely necessary. I like being out in an environment. I […]