The Feng Shui Guy

Ariel Joseph Towne is the Feng Shui Guy. Called “an alchemist of possibility,” Ariel takes stagnant spaces in people’s homes and minds and transforms them into positive, intentional spaces. He makes a room come alive, and is an internationally recognized feng shui expert. Also, he’s a pretty cool guy, all around. I met Ariel […]

Afternoon Tea at the Canterbury Hotel

Today I had the pleasure of having afternoon tea at the Caterbury Hotel in downtown, Indianapolis. This is my first time visiting the hotel (since I live in Indiana and have no need for a hotel here), but I am glad I had the opportunity to go! I was commissioned again by Where Magazine to […]

Little Flower Yoga for Children

I am SO EXCITED to share this next site with you. I’ve been working hard on this site for what seems like months now, fidgeting and editing and making it perfect. Then, when it was finally designed, I had to switch the whole site to a new hosting server for speed issues!!! (Network Solutions SUCKS […]

The Bethlehem House

And you thought I hadn’t been busy… Hah! This is ANOTHER new design I’ve been working on lately. This is the new website design for The Bethlehem House, an Indianapolis based not-for-profit agency that helps individuals who are adversely affected by substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, homelessness and an impoverished life. Their old website was severely lacking, […]

Nikki Myers Website and Blog!

Another day, another update. This is another project I’ve been working on. This is the new website and blog for Nikki Myers, my good friend and owner of CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health (which I also designed!). Nikki is an accomplished teacher and practitioner on the path of Yoga. A unique focus of her […]

Julie Browning Bova Design Video

Hi blogstalkers! This is another video I created with nothing more than some pictures and graphics. For this project, I was hired by Julie Browning Bova, an amazing interior designer on the north side of Indianapolis. She’s coming out with a new collection, and she wanted a video to go with the press release announcing […]

Gig Coin Promotional Videos (Three)

I created the following three videos for an up and coming new company called Gig Coin. It’s a new online resource for freelancers and businesses who need freelancers. It’s great place to get and give gigs. Anyway, after designing the Gig Coin logo, I was also asked to create some videos explaining the concept. I […]

Santorini Greek Kitchen

Opa! Opa! Opa! Hello blogstalkers! It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, but believe me, it’s not because I haven’t had anything worth posting about. Since starting Seegull Media full time at the start of this year, I’ve been working non-stop! Now that I’m FINALLY starting to get caught up, you can expect to […]

Yoga Podcasting and Yoga Videos

If you’re a fitness instructor or yoga teacher, do you have your own website to promote yourself and your branding? Better yet, are  you creating videos of your workouts and sequences to sell to your followers online? If not, why not? I know some people may say it’s “selling out,” especially in the yoga community, […]

Climb Time Indianapolis

This afternoon I took some pictures at Climb Time Indianapolis, an indoor rock climbing arena. The entire place is wall to wall… well, walls. Rock climbing walls! I thought taking some good pictures would be a piece of cake, but it was much more difficult than I thought it would be. There are so many […]