Full Circle Cycling Website

Full Circle Cycling is a program offered by ProMotion Fitness in collaboration with the Bike Line. It’s a unique program that combines a comprehensive cycling program with the unique benefits of yoga. The Full Circle program incorporates a mix of group classes, yoga for cyclists, power-based endurance riding, coaching,  personal training, and much, much more. […]

Chris Roche Website

You should all remember Chris Roche from his AMAZING yoga photography we did a few months back. Well, that was only phase one. Everyone should check out his awesome new website, designed by yours truly, www.chrisroche.net. I tried to capture Chris’ unique blend of strength training with meditation and yoga. Where else can you find […]

Morgan + Ben Wedding Spectacular!

The dress is hung. The guest book is ready for signatures. It’s time for a wedding! You all might remember Morgan and Ben from their engagement photos awhile back. They’re good friends of mine and I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding. It was truly a magical day, from beginning to end, and I […]

Yoga of 12-Step Recovery Video – Y12SR

Shot this video for Nikki Myers, founder of the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery program, just the other day in my BRAND NEW STUDIO! I set up the white seamless wall and I didn’t even have to set up lights. I have so much natural lighting in the room it makes projects like this a breeze. […]

Amy Hagerstrom Yoga Logo

I had so much fun designing a logo for Amy. She went through CITYOGA’s Teacher Training with my wife Jenni in TTC16, and now she’s rocking out being a new yoga teacher up in Chicago. There were quite a few designs thrown out before we finished, but it was worth it to make it to […]

Fresco Italian Sandwich Shoppe Food Photography

Fresco is Italian for “fresh.” It’s also the name of an Italian sandwich shop in downtown Indianapolis! I honestly can’t believe I’ve never eaten here before. These sandwiches are so fresh and delicious, I don’t think I can choose a favorite. I was asked by the owner’s son, Jeff, to take some photos of almost […]

Erin + Ben Engagement

What I love most about Erin and Ben is how obviously in love they are. They also have so much fun together! I’ve known Erin since high school, and we became good friend in college. I was thrilled the first time she introduced me to Ben. They’re so naturally perfect for each other, and I’d […]

Nikki Myers Yoga Photography

Yesterday I went on a photo walkabout with one of my favorite people in the world, Nikki Myers. The first time I met Nikki I was overwhelmed by her positive attitude. She’s the owner of CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health, which immediately became my yoga home here in Indianapolis. Since our first meeting, I’ve […]

Chris Roche Yoga Photography

Part yoga teacher, part personal trainer, part life coach – this is what you get when you study and train with Chris Roche. Chris takes an integrated approach to his work, which includes physical practices, such as exercise, yoga, nutrition, and self-care techniques to help achieve physical fitness. Chris also includes mental and emotional techniques, […]

New Day Meadery

Tonight, Jenni, Barb and I went to New Day Meadery, located in Historic Fountain Square, near downtown Indianapolis. New Day Meadery is the creator of fine, handcrafted honey wines and cider. I’ve driven by many times, but this was my first opportunity to taste their drinks, which turned out to be absolutely delicious. New Day […]