Memories in Motion

Alright everyone, this is a throw back. I made this video during my senior year at Ball State University. I was tasked with creating a fictitious wedding videography company, which I called “Memories in Motion.” Catchy name, right? Well, this is the promotional video I made for the company. I actually attended a friend’s wedding […]

Brand New Living Room

Where has Adam been? Why hasn’t he been updating? Well, it’s because I’ve been super busy tearing out carpet and installing bamboo floors in my living room! What started out as painting one wall a day, turned into painting the entire room in one weekend, which then in turn turned into tearing out the carpet […]

My Nephew Nathan Turns Four

This is my nephew, Nathan. He is almost an exact replica of what I looked like as a little kid. He’s about to turn four years old on June 6th, and in celebration I took him out to take some pictures! He’s such a fun little guy. His Grammie (my Mom) dressed him up in […]

Humble Headhunters

I was having dinner with my mother-in-law the other night (who recently discovered twitter) and she read one of my tweets about “being able to turn still images into a video commercial.” She LOVED the idea because she had to create a commercial for a class she’s currently attending at Indiana Wesleyan University. I, being […]

Dining at the Creation Cafe

Today my wife and I had the pleasure of dining at the Creation Cafe. It is located in the historic Buggs’ Temple, one of the oldest church buildings in the Indianapolis area and the signature building at the north end of the downtown Canal Walk. I’ve passed by it many times while running around the […]

Dinner at Scotty’s Brewhouse

Tonight, Jenni (my beautiful wife) and I had dinner at Scotty’s Brewhouse. It is one of our FAVORITE Indianapolis restaurants. I documented our delectable journey with pictures, because one or two of these images might end up being featured in a new magazine called Where Indianapolis. Let’s cross our fingers! First things first… I had […]

Dakota (Cody) Senior Pictures

Dakota, or Cody as he likes to be called, is a talented young man. He recently graduated high school and I had the pleasure of taking his Senior Pictures. We headed down to the canal in downtown Indianapolis for a two hour stroll, which resulted in the following pictures. Enjoy! I love steps. This is […]

St. Francis: A Success Story

This is a fun little cartoon I was asked to make for Cripe Architects and Engineers. They are bidding on a project to be the company in charge of move management for St. Francis Hospital. Based on a very vague definition of what they wanted (basic plot with a “cartoony” feel), this is what I […]

Physical Wealth Vs. Digital Wealth

When I was a little kid I used to hoard all of my belongings. I grew attached to my toys and I would often give them names and attribute human feelings to them. One time I even opted to buy a small Lego set because I felt bad that I secretly wanted the bigger set […]

Stereo Deluxe Video Montage

As I was looking through the pictures to compile the last post about the Stereo Deluxe Photo Shoot, I really liked the way it looked as I scrolled through the images quickly. So, I made a video out of them, speeding up the entire photo session into just over 2 minutes. This is the result […]