I am currently working on updating the style and layout of the new Seegull Media blog. It is powered by WordPress, which I know very little about, so implementing it with the current HTML and CSS site is proving quite difficult. I will find a way to do it, though! This blog will soon look like the rest of the site. Please, subscribe to the RSS feed to be updated as soon as it happens, or simply keep checking back. I am excited about the new WordPress blog. This is the start of a great adventure.

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    1. comment by Adam Sturm

      Update all! If you haven’t already noticed, I have succeeded in making this blog match the rest of the site, even though it is entirely run by WordPress. Yay me! Should anyone want to incorporate a WordPress blog on their own site, I would be happy to offer you my services now that I know what I’m doing. Simply head to the contact section and let me know. Thanks for blogstalking!

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