Digitized Legos

When I was a little kid I used to hoard all of my belongings. I grew attached to my toys and I would often give them names and attribute human feelings to them. One time I even opted to buy a small Lego set because I felt bad that I secretly wanted the bigger set more. I actually felt pity for Legos!

Luckily, I grew out of this need to acquire physical possessions. Once a month I now try to get rid of things I no longer need and purge them from my life. I revel in the simplicity and I thrive in a Spartan environment. However, I recently discovered I have a dark secret. While I managed to rid myself of my obsession for acquiring physical things, in truth I have merely shifted the focus of my desires to the digital world.

I now find myself constantly striving to acquire and grow my digital wealth. Every logo I create is added to my portfolio. Every website I design is a testament to my abilities as a designer. Every podcast I shoot and every photograph I take is added to the stockpile of my ever-growing digital legacy. I must create! I need to create! More, more, more!

Ok, so I’m being overly dramatic. Acquiring digital wealth isn’t a bad thing. The more I create the better I get, and the best part is that these designs, photographs and videos don’t take up any physical space. If I need more space all I need is a slightly bigger hard drive or more bandwidth to host it on my site.

It’s true, I am an obsessive person by nature, but this shift from focusing on the physical to the digital is one way I’ve found to deal with it. While the thought of deleting any little byte of content I’ve created makes me shudder, at least I can get rid of that denim jacket I never wear anymore.

Thank you for visiting my digital packrat hoard. Please peruse my many digital acquisitions, and if you’d like one created just for you, let me know!

Thanks for blogstalking,

Adam, the Digital Packrat

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      A new insight into you! Love it!

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