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Behold the logo I designed for the new extension of Seegull Media, Om Nom Indy. It’s my new baby. Om Nom Indy features the best restaurants in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

I have loved food my entire life. It tastes good. It smells good. It looks good. What can I say? I’m passionate about food! I’m also passionate about photography. Ever since taking up my first camera while living in New York City, food has been one of my favorite subjects. Sure, I love shooting weddings, and I am pretty awesome with commercial photography (if I do say so myself), but food is my absolute favorite.

I was first inspired to point my camera toward food by fellow photographers in New York City. After my first visit to the James Beard Foundation, I was hooked. After moving home to Indiana, I brought my passion with me. I soon started taking pictures not only for myself, but for Where Magazine, a local magazine all about what to do and where to eat in Indianapolis.

I soon discovered that there is a vacuum of food photography in Indianapolis. In New York, there are dozens, if not hundreds of food photographers and food stylists. In Indiana, there is a great need. So now, I am officially stepping forward to fill that need with Om Nom Indy.

Om Nom Indy is your go to place for food photography (and food styling) in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Get your professional food shots today! If you’re a restaurant located in Indianapolis, Om Nom Indy can take the perfect food photography shots to highlight your establishment and have your customers’ mouths watering before they even arrive.

I hope you like it as much as I do, blogstalkers! Check it out RIGHT NOW!


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      om nom indy – makes me hungry…… om nom om nom om nom!

    2. nice article would love to read more of your posts

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