These are my friends, Morgan and Ben.


They are very much in love.


Like, ridiculously in love.


Okay guys, get a room…


And we did! All of us, that is, down at the French Licks Springs Hotel. Jenni and I went down there with Morgan and Ben a few weekends ago to take these fantastic engagement pictures. That’s right! Morgan and Ben are getting hitched. You might remember them from a previous blog entry where they had a speakeasy engagement party. Well, these photographs are little better than simple party shots.


We started off taking pictures at the West Bayden Springs Hotel (right down the road from our hotel). There’s a lot of history there, which I won’t go into right now, but it makes for some glamorous photography.


And the lighting is gorgeous in the atrium, which is essentially a giant dome.


Built in 1902 and with its one-of-a-kind domed atrium spanning 200 feet, the West Bayden Springs Hotel has been called the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” Oops! I forgot I said I wouldn’t go into the history!


That’s right. Let’s bring the focus back on the cute engaged couple.





After we left the atrium, we took some shots throughout the rest of the hotel.


I thought this one was really artsy and romantic.


And this was a fun angle! Wow, check out that amazing mosaic floor tiling. They don’t make things quite like that anymore.


After we finished inside, we headed outside to the gardens.


The sun was starting to set, which is the perfect time of day for pictures. Us photographers call it the “golden hour.”







The gardens were beautiful and made for some great backgrounds. Fountain here.


Five steps to the left, there’s a gazebo in the background!


As the sun went behind a hill, we decided to take one last shot before heading over to the train graveyard.


If you thought all those previous pictures were good, you haven’t seen anything yet!


I think this might be my all time favorite photograph of the session.



I think all the train shots turned out freaking amazing, if I do say so myself. They’re very rustic and vintage. I love the color of the sky in this picture and the rust on the back of the train car.








Look! We found a caboose!



As we wind things down and the day ends, we think to ourselves, “Job well done.”


And off they walk, hand in hand like lovers do.



Well, that ends it for this update, folks. I hope you liked the pictures. There were many, many, many more, but I couldn’t post them ALL here, could I? These were my favorites among the favorites, and I cannot express to Morgan and Ben how much I appreciate knowing them and having them in my and Jenni’s life. I love double dates!

Let me know what you think, blogstalkers, and which were your favorites. Until next time!


    10 Responses to "Morgan + Ben = Love"

    1. comment by Brigitte

      Adam– you have an amazing eye. Your photos do not simply capture two people, they tell a story and they make me feel and see the emotions that Morgan and Ben are sharing. Your work is incredible!

    2. comment by Miranda Bray

      These photos are fantastic! I love the unique venue, and your use of all the different opportunities for interesting angles makes it so fun! I especially like the pics on the train/tracks, and the one where they’re smooching with the backlit parasol is enchanting. Looks like you all had a lot of fun down there, too!

    3. comment by Jennifer Wallander

      Love them! I especially like the one where they’re both sitting on the train tracks and Ben is looking at Morgan. You did a fantastic job, Adam! Now come over and take pics of the doggies! :)

    4. comment by Stephanie

      Makes me want to get hitched so I can have a photo gallery like this. As you already know, they’re beautiful. But how could they not be with a subject as pretty as Morgan? Ok, ok… and your photography is pretty great too :-)
      Nice work Adam!

    5. comment by Debbie Stover

      Adam, OMG! As usual, you have outdone yourself. The pictures are awesome–you do have the talent to capture a story. How did you find out about the train/graveyard and is it around French Lick? If you can make a train look that good, I can’t wait to see the staging pics!!!!!

    6. comment by Cathy

      Adam! Great pictures! I love the picture in front of the stained glass! The train track pics are so good! And the parasol: wow!

    7. comment by Ashley

      OK, I’m not gonna lie. I’m kinda obsessed with these pics. :) You totally captured Morgan and Ben and the awesome people that they are. You’re so crazy talented!!

    8. comment by Morgan

      So, is it obsessive that I look at these about once or twice a week. Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job!
      I can not wait till the wedding day!
      We’re so happy to have you and Jenn in our lives!
      Thank you.

    9. comment by Morgan

      So I still love these and look at them all the time!
      Let’s do some save the dates after the holidays!!!
      See you soon!

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