My friends Morgan and Ben recently got engaged, and they’re having their engagement party in a few weeks. My wife Jenni, as a maid of honor, is helping plan it. The theme? 1920’s Speakeasy! They decided to use this picture to represent the party.

Original Morgan and Ben Picture

Now, while this picture is pretty good, I didn’t particularly like the background. I decided to try sprucing it up a bit using my mad photoshop skills. This is what I came up with…

New Morgan and Ben Picture

Am I awesome, or am I simply amazing? You tell me! This is being made into a 30×20 poster, so if you want to check out the full size version, click HERE. Wow, look at that attention to detail.

Thanks for dropping by, blogstalkers!


    5 Responses to "Morgan and Ben Engagement Party Poster"

    1. comment by Jennifer S.

      Yes, you are awesome. : ) good job!!!!

    2. comment by Barbara Thompson

      I think you are both, awesome and amazing. All you kids know how to make this world a better place.

    3. comment by neeroc

      Am I awesome or simply amazing – lol. That is a fantastic job.

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