Alright everyone, this is a throw back. I made this video during my senior year at Ball State University. I was tasked with creating a fictitious wedding videography company, which I called “Memories in Motion.” Catchy name, right? Well, this is the promotional video I made for the company. I actually attended a friend’s wedding to get the footage I needed for this. I believe it demonstrates quite well what I can do for you if you would like for me to shoot video of your wedding.

Keep in mind. I made this video more than four years ago. I’ve gained a TON of experience since then. And please, disregard my ridiculous facial hair. I don’t know what I was thinking.

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    1. comment by Cathy Sturm

      Adam, This is still such a neat video! (Does this happen to be of the wedding that cost you your gaming machine????) Too bad you couldn’t have done this for your own wedding!!!!

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