Hi blogstalkers! This is another video I created with nothing more than some pictures and graphics. For this project, I was hired by Julie Browning Bova, an amazing interior designer on the north side of Indianapolis. She’s coming out with a new collection, and she wanted a video to go with the press release announcing it. After meeting with her and taking a few pictures, we wrote a script and I managed to put the following video together. Enjoy!

There was a LOT of back and forth before we got to the final product, but in the end Julie had a video she was happy to include with her press release. I’m looking forward to working with her on future projects.

This is another great example of how you can create a video without going to extreme production lengths. I used the color scheme of Julie’s new website, coupled with some photography of her and her new collection. I wrote up a script based on the press release and Julie voiced it over. Added some music (from Ferris Bueller, if you hadn’t noticed) and VOILA!

Short videos like these are perfect for getting a message or brand out there.

Thanks for checking it out, blogstalkers!


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