I created the following three videos for an up and coming new company called Gig Coin. It’s a new online resource for freelancers and businesses who need freelancers. It’s great place to get and give gigs. Anyway, after designing the Gig Coin logo, I was also asked to create some videos explaining the concept. I was given a script and a voice over, but the rest of the video I had to create from scratch, using nothing but some simple graphics. These are great examples of how simple graphics can be used to tell a story and get a message across. Enjoy!

What did you think? Like them? Personally, I love creating videos like this because it definitely keeps costs down. When you’re working with graphics alone, you don’t have nearly as many production elements (camera, lighting, etc.). Also, I can create a video like this for anyone, no matter where they’re at! If I don’t have to shoot the video, I don’t have to be there in person. So, if any Australians out there need me to make a video like this, hit me up!

I have to thank Gig Coin for being such great clients. I’ve worked with them on many projects and I love their whole concept and I truly believe in what they do. It’s always easier to create and work with people you believe in. You should definitely check them out! www.gigcoin.com!

Thanks for dropping by, blogstalkers. Check back tomorrow to see what else I’ve been up to lately!


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