I made this photo montage for my parents’ 40th anniversary. I went through TONS of old photo albums, scanned in all the pictures and tried to piece together the story of their love. It was a lot of fun and brought back a lot of great memories. I am so thankful for my parents. They have always been a great inspiration. They truly set the standard in which I live my own life.

Enjoy the video blogstalkers, and if you (or anyone you know) need a similar photo montage made, I can definitely do it!


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    1. comment by Barb

      This was a great day of celebration for Gale and Cathy. Adam you and Miranda did an awesome job honoring your parents. Thank you for sharing.

    2. comment by Cathy

      Adam, you are amazing! This visual/auditory montage is fantastic. The pictures make me happy and teary-eyed both at the same time. Thank you for taking the time to create such a great tribute! The pics are so much fun, and I heard that Jenni chose the music…Wow…We love these songs! Dad and I have been blessed to have two exceptionally talented and wonderful children: you and Miranda. Miranda chose a perfect venue spot. The decorations were great. The food was delicious. Your video presentation was fantastic. You guys hosted a wonderful, never to be forgotten celebration! Getting to share this special day with family and friends was precious. Thank you, thank you, thank you to our Sweetie Adam and his Jenni and our Precious Miranda and her MIke. We love you!

    3. comment by Adam Sturm

      You’re both making me blush! I’m just happy we could celebrate such a wonderful occasion and be able to get together with so many people we love. Miranda did an incredible job and is the most to thank for making it happen. I am equally blessed to have such amazing parents, not to mention the best new family ever :)

    4. comment by Becky Hunter

      Congratulations to Gale and Cathy on their 40th! What a wonderful tribute this photo montage is! So grateful for the blessings God has given to them over these years and for the blessings they are to all who know them. Here’s to the next 40 being awesome as well !! Old friends, Becky and J.C. (:

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